Re-release of Fire Inside by Julia Talbot

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A brand new re-release is up from Julia Talbot! It’s been out of print since January 2016, so this one is one from the vaults!

Nick is just a working man, trying to get his job done. When a routine job goes sour, though, he knows just who to blame; the guy who threw himself in front of Nick’s car. Ty. Ty’s in trouble, and he’s hoping Nick will help him. He’s not sure what forces brought them together, but he knows they’re meant to be, and he’s willing to use his talent for generating heat to keep Nick at his side, ready for more of his special gifts. And ready to defend him from anyone who wants to hurt him. Will these two be overcome by the fire inside?

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Added this week to Evil Plot Bunny

The Bloodrose novellas in one place!

Things go bump in the night at this exclusive paranormal club…

Club Bloodrose is an exclusive club for all manner of creatures of the night, from vampires to werewolves to demons. The four stories in Thorns revolve around the inhabitants of the Bloodrose and their lives and loves.

In An Itch to Scratch, werewolf Deke has this itch. He loves to be bitten by vampires, and he wants a safe place to get his scratching. Kasey is a vamp who doesn’t play with his food, at least until he meets Deke. Then he knows he has to take a chance on getting involved. Will they be able to find the balance in power a vampire and a werewolf need to be together? Deke and Kasey return in The Werewolf Code, working their day jobs as private investigators. When a genetic mutation threatens werewolf kind, Deke and Kasey have to solve the case fast, or risk losing everything.

In Belling the Cat, vampire Jonny has everything he wants in life. Club Bloodrose is his baby, and he should be totally fulfilled running it. He knows something is missing in his life, but isn’t sure what until he meets cat shifter Luc, who’s intent on stealing information Jonny is hiding. Luc has a past and needs Jonny’s files, but that’s all he wants from the handsome vamp. Right? Finally, in Emerald Eyes, Luc’s brother Yves is a rockhound who needs a set of priceless emeralds to right an old wrong. When things start to go badly for Yves, his brother sends him a bodyguard, a werewolf named Reuben. The last thing Yves needs is a watchdog, especially one as sexy, and annoying as Reuben. Right?

All of the novellas in Thorns have been previously published and have been re-edited for new publication.

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New to EPB: Sand and Heat by Sean Michael and Wolf Run by BA Tortuga

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Both of these are reprints, but they’ve been out of print for a bit! Check them out!



Desert dweller Feyer has just been sold to a new Raya, or lord, and he’s not thrilled about it. At least until Amut takes Feyer in hand, turning his world inside out. Feyer finally finds his place in Amut’s world, though, learning to love his new master, needing to please him in all ways. Sand and Heat brings five tales of Feyer’s life, and the desert sun isn’t the only heat generated by these steamy stories. Amut is a sensual master with prodigious appetites, and Feyer was made to serve him.

This classic Sean Michael will give you a meltdown with these adventurous tales!

Originally released as Taste Test: Sand and Heat by another publisher.

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Mick is a lone wolf in all ways. He’s left his pack, he’s left his homelands and he’s on the road, footloose and fancy free. Well, at least until he wanders up to a fence and finds a little wolf running his ass off behind it. Mick stops to let the pup out and is stunned to hear the young wolf, Scotty, tell him “no”. Scotty’s mate and best friend, Danny, asked Scotty to stay behind the fence, so he will be safe while Danny fights to support them both. All this leaves Mick’s fur standing on end. Maybe, Mick doesn’t need one mate to bring him home. Maybe, he needs two

This is a previously published work. The publisher had changed.

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New to Evil Plot Bunny! Brewing by BA and Julia

Hey y’all!

Brewing is a reprint, but it kinda got the short shift on ARE when it was published due to their meltdown. It’s been re-edited, though no words have been added really. We hope top have Rainbow Brew 2 out later this year! Who loves magical realism and fast moving love?

Harris must learn to believe in magic before it’s too late.

Rainbow Brew, Book 1

Harris, a buttoned-up Santa Fe architect, is having a crappy day until he ducks into the Rainbow Brew coffee shop to get out of the rain. He meets a quirky artist named Jayden and embarks on a four-day binge of sensual adventures, leaving the real world behind.

Jayden knows he can’t live in the world Harris inhabits, but for this wonderful man he’ll try, even if it ruins him.

Jayden is like no one Harris has ever met, but can Harris let go of the real world to love him?

This is a previously published title. The publisher has changed.

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Releases from Julia and Kiernan

Brand new Midnight Rodeo from Julia Talbot

Vampire Protection: Midnight Rodeo Book 8

Vampire Peyton gets into trouble. A lot. When he offends an entire East Coast clan of vampires up Boston way, he decides he needs a place to hide out for a bit. So he goes back to his Texas roots and calls upon his best friend, Cody Knight, to help him stay safe. Cody runs the Midnight Rodeo, Darque and Knight, and happily agrees to let Peyton come along, even assigning him a bodyguard.

Grizz is a bear shifter, big, strong, and maybe a little… well, bearlike. Who better to watch over Peyton and keep him out of trouble? If Peyton gets out of line, Cody figures, Grizz can just sit on him. Grizz has no idea how much work Peyton will be, or how Peyton will invade his heart. The problem is, Grizz is pretty sure he doesn’t need a beautiful vamp complicating his life. Can he and Peyton find their happy place before it’s too late, or will Peyton’s past catch up with him?

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And a re-release from Kiernan Kelly!

In Their Own Skins: Shifting Sands Book 1

Dakota is a bear shifter who thinks he’s the only one of his kind in the whole world, until he meets Jax and the sparks — and fur — flies. Dakota and Jax are now convinced they can’t be the only ones who can change their shapes, and are determined to seek out other shapeshifters and give them a safe haven from the humans who’ve mistreated them.  They found the Shifting Sands ranch, a place where all shifters can run free and live in peace.

But what if not all shifters are happy stay hidden away? What if there are apex predators who see everyone else as prey, including the shifters at the ranch?  Dakota and Jax soon find themselves in the fight of — and for — their lives.

Shifting Sands includes two bonus stories written in the same universe, The Sound of Home, and Mother Blue’s Bar and Grill.

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