New Hammer Holiday story fro Sean Michael!

Cookie Exchange: A Hammer Holiday Story

It’s the holiday season and the men of the Hammer Club are in the mood to celebrate.

Jack has decided he wants to do a cookie exchange with his fellow subs this year. The only catch is that he and Master Oliver go on vacation right after he sets it up. Jim seems like the perfect person to take over the reins, even if he doesn’t make that clear to Jim, exactly. What could possibly go wrong?

Join Jim and Markus and their friends as they do Christmas the way only they can.

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New on EPB! Chosen Wolf by Julia Talbot, w/a Minerva Howe!

hey y’all

Here’s a lesser known reprint of mine. It came out about 4 years ago, and I got the rights back this year. It’s previously published, but has had some re-writes, a new cover and a brand new edit!

Brantley is perfectly happy with his life. He has a good job, a strong wolf pack behind him, and a trip into Denver every so often to take care of his needs. So when the Pack has the kind of meeting that only happens once in a blue moon, he’s more annoyed than worried. At least until the meeting turns out to be the stuff of Pack legend, with a vampire appearing to choose a new guardian from all of the eligible male wolves.

Vampire Paul has a good arrangement with the Moonlight Mountain pack. He gets to choose a wolf as his guardian, and they get a draught of his blood to strengthen their line. His connection with Brant is immediate, and he knows Brantley will be the first guardian in maybe centuries who will match him need for need. Paul likes games of dominance, likes to put his guardians to the test. Brantley is pretty sure he doesn’t even like men, let alone a vamp who’s into whips and chains. Can Paul convince Brantley that they really are made for each other?

Author’s note: This is a previously published story with a new edit and new material. The publisher has changed. This is a paranormal fated mates story that contains strong elements that some readers may find darker.

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Newest addition to EPB from Julia Talbot

Hey all!

Love Dot Com has been out for a while, but somehow it never made it to EPB!

Note: This is a previously published title. The publisher has changed.

Virgil and Willie have both had it with the dating scene. Virgil because he keeps getting these big macho guys who want to be his sugar daddy, Willie because he feels like a dork in a herd of suave, hot guys. So it’s a happy coincidence when they both decide to place a computer personal ad, and manage to find each other. They have a lot in common. They’re both computer geeks, both a little shy, and both needing exactly what they find together. Thank goodness for love dot come style.

Author note: This book was written early in the e-dating game. Please bear with anything outdated.

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Look for an updated and expanded re-release from me soon!



69 cent story from Kiernan Kelly

Kind of a D.R.A.G. is up at EPB!

Max is doing fine. He’s bartending in a strip club located on a tiny planet at the ass-end of the universe, earning a living and generally getting by without much drama. That is until his boss leaves on a trip and places the burden of running the bar on Max’s broad shoulders. It’s a task he normally could handle just fine if it weren’t for two android drag queens who decide to meddle with things beyond their abilities and create a new stripper — one who complicates Max’s ability to keep the bar up and running while capturing Max’s imagination and heart at the same time.

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More .69 shorts have been added to EPB!

His to Save by BA Tortuga

Jasper Dean has been a bad man. The Old West drover is at the mercy of the ghost riders when they come for him. Too bad Tanner has no intention of letting Jasper go. He knows the man he loves doesn’t deserve hell, and he’s going to prove it. Somehow.

This story was previously published in the Legendary Creatures Taste Test collection.

The Spice of Life by Julia Talbot

When Brian stops on the way home from the grocery store to grab a few adult toys, his lover Colin is completely unaware of what he’s in for. Thankfully, Colin loves Brian’s games, even if they involve plugs and more!

This story was previously published in the Plugs Toy Box collection.

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