Bunny Rating Chart

Each author rates their books according to the following system. Evil Plot Bunny does not choose this designation for any title. 


 One Bunny — The book is more on the gentle side of language and sensuality, possibly with some sexual tension but no onscreen clenching.

Two Bunnies — Still not spicy. Some onscreen sex maybe, but less explicit language or fade to black. No real violence or hardcore adult situations.

Three bunnies — A fully realized physical romance onscreen. Some explicit language and adult situations.

Four Bunnies — Begins to venture into more heavy duty sensuality. Some BDSM elements, multiple partners, hard violence or profuse profanity.

Five Bunnies — Like someone dropped a Scotch Bonnet in your Bloody Mary. Blowtorch level sex. BDSM, kink, spanking, lots of explosions.